Main Characters

Marshall Deforrest
Our main protagonist who loves the outdoors and enjoys every minute of it. He plans a camping trip for he and his friends in the desert, but unfortunately for him, his sister has to come along too. While out on a hike, he and his friends disturb an evil entity's rest, and are now trapped in its domain.

Madison Deforrest
Marshall's ten-year-old sister. She reluctantly tags along with him and his friends on their camping trip after their parents leave for the weekend.

Marshall's loyal and trusting dog. Wherever Marshall goes out for a hike or trip, he always is right there at his side. At first glance, he appears to be a goofy, dumb dog, but when he gets trapped in the dimensional world,  Marshall and the gang realize there's more to him than meets the eye.

Skye Parker
She's one of Marshall's best friends. She loves anything to do with archaeology and as she loves exploring and examining anything she finds interesting.

Hunter Colton
Another friend of Marshall's. He is the more rational of the three, and often tries to keep Marshall out of trouble. Although he doesn't care much about Marshall's outdoor hobbies, he gladly hangs out with him whenever possible.

Major Supporting Characters

The entity who traps Marshall and his friends in his dimension after they trespassed on his property. He offers them a deal to escape his world by overcoming the obstacles he places for them.

Salamander Queen
She's another entity that resides in Akar's dimension. She is said to be the one who might be able to help Marshall and his friends' quest for home.