Thursday, January 16, 2014

Changes to Come!

It's been well over two years since I last touched this site, and naturally a lot has happened during that time. I graduated college, celebrated a few birthdays, and worked on other personal projects in addition to this one.

But with that said, there will be a lot of changes to come for my webcomic, Vast World. The biggest one being a complete overhaul of the story, plot, and characters. While I was pleased with the few pages I have made for my Online Comics class, I was unhappy in its presentation. I felt that the pacing was too fast and the characters were just forgettable and, to put it bluntly, bland. Now that I have a little more freedom to make the story how I want as well as some knowledge of what to do in terms of telling a good story overall.

Bottom line, my goal is to greatly improve the quality of Vast World, and with luck, present the vision I'm going for with it. Plus it will give me a chance to work on actual comic pages in addition to my smaller projects. In addition, it will help me practice my storytelling skills so that I will improve myself for future chapters and projects to come.

The next biggest change is the website itself. As it hasn't been updated since 2011, it's about time for a complete overhaul in it's design, including the page layout and graphics as I want it to reflect my current style. While I still want to have my own web space and domain, for the time being, blogger is where Vast World will be hosted for now. As such, I want to make this site visually appealing for a new crowd of readers.

I hope this year, I can bring to you a project that you all can come back to week after week, and enjoy in the process.

See you soon. --Melanee W.